Available in both Full Body and Spot Treatments


Accelerate your recovery in just three minutes in state-of-the-art cryotherapy machines that surround your body with hyper-cooled air that ranges from -220 to -320. Used by elite athletes around the world for over two decades, Phoenix ReGen Centers provide access to the benefits of whole body cryotherapy to “everyday athletes” with a wide range of activity levels.

Far superior to ice baths, whole body cryotherapy flushes toxins and enriches red blood cells with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. WBC works to soothe, comfort, and provide relief in the effort to speed recovery for those who have stressed their muscles, and anyone looking to rejuvenate from the stress of daily life.

At Phoenix Regen, we trust only the most reputable, state-of-the-art cryo technologies available. For Whole Body Cryotherapy we use the Arctic and the CryoNiQ

How It Works

Phase 1


During a 2-3minute session at cryotherapy temperature (-166F>), blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissues constrict, forcing blood away from your extremities and to your core. Here, the body’s nature filtration system removes toxins & inflammatory properties out of the blood

Phase 2


After exiting the chamber, blood flows back to the extremities. Enriched in oxygen, nutrients & enzymes, your blood warms the skin & muscle tissues while also increasing range of motion

Phase 3


Over the next 48 hours the process of restoration occurs, and the body returns to a former & better state of homeostasis. Many report feeling and reduction of pain & inflammation, increased energy levels and quicker recovery times from training or injuries.

Light Therapy

Available in both Full Body and Spot Treatments

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy is the application of red and near-infrared light to tissue where there is degeneration or injury. This form of therapy works on a cellular level by reducing oxidative stress- accepted as the underlying trigger for most diseases and degenerative conditions. Oxidative stress is a key component in the inflammatory phase of acute and chronic injuries. PBM Therapy stimulates tissue repair and increases production of ATP (cellular energy); it is also non-toxic and non-invasive.




When using light therapy you can expect these benefits, known as intended uses.

  • Improved muscle performance

  • Redevelop muscles

  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness

  • To temporarily increase blood circulation

  • Restoration of motion to joints

  • Relaxation of muscles and relief from muscle spasms

  • Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis

  • Adjunct to obesity as part of a diet and exercise program



The benefits of hyper-cool air applied directly to specific portions of the body are achieved through Spot Cryotherapy. It is most commonly used for isolated areas of swelling and inflammation from a variety of causes such as injections, a tough workout that resulted in pain & inflammation, an injury, or post-surgical condition.

Spot Light Therapy

During a spot laser therapy session the therapist utilizes the THOR Pain Pro handheld device (LX2) to deliver focused beams of low-level light therapy (LLLT), also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy. Spot Laser therapy reduces pain and inflammation, repairs tissue and promotes healing as the cellular level.


Spot Therapy treatments only take a few minutes and can be administered two or more times a week. 

Intended applications include:​​

  • sprains and strains

  • injuries

  • localized swelling

  • osteoarthritis 
  • pain and inflammation

  • post-surgical pain/rehab

Sessions Available in Toning, Slimming & Facial

Cryoskin is a safe, non-invasive, clinically proven system for slimming and toning problem areas of the body such as the face, abdomen and thighs. This revolutionary technology uses a combination of cryotherapy and thermotherapy to slow the aging process, minimize cellulite, and reduce fat in the abdomen, thighs, arms and back.


What Can Cryoskin Do For You?

Facial Toning: Diminish the fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging and stress; increase collagen production

Slimming: Reduce unwanted inches in problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms and back

Cellulite Reduction: Minimize unsightly cellulite in the thighs and buttocks; regain better tone by improving microcirculation

Kinetic Recovery

Mobilize Your Muscles​ with Sport Massage

Kinetic Recovery (KR) is a specialized form of massage, stretching and muscle work performed with an emphasis on active recovery versus passive bodywork. Unlike most sports massage, KR sessions are conducted in an open room with clients clothed in active or comfortable apparel.


Our therapists are trained in multiple modalities and skilled at performing a series of assessments to gauge clients' range of motion and mobility. With this information, KR techniques are highly focused and can help in the body’s recovery process. In essence, every KR session is a customized experience designed to meet the unique needs of the client, taking into account his/her fitness goals, training protocols and current recovery routine.



Bobby is originally from San Antonio, TX and got his Sports Massage degree from Austin Community College. As a KR therapist Bobby’s favorite tool to use is cupping and his favorite type of massage is end range fascial stretching. Stretching and flexibility is a must, “I enjoy being super flexible” says Bobby.


For workouts, you can catch Bobby doing HITT style boot-camp (with a side of Thai stretching). Bobby has been with Phoenix Regen for over 3 years, served in the military for 4 years, and if you've ever met him - you know the man’s got style.


Sheena is a Longview, TX native and from there went to Tarleton State University for her undergrad, Texas Christian University for graduate school, and finally graduated from Cortiva Institute for her LMT & NSCA-PT. As a KR Therapist, her favorite technique is to pin and mobilize.


Sheena has coached and competed in various forms of fitness including powerlifting, crossfit, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and multiple varsity level sports over the last 15 years. Today her favorite hobbies include powerlifting and hiking with her husband and furbabies.

She gets nothing but rave reviews so we're sure she can handle anything you've got!

Compression Therapy

Available for Legs, Hips, and Arms

A proven leader in rapid recovery systems, NormaTec has set the standard for dynamic compression technology. Using compressed air sleeves to massage blood and stimulate the lymphatic system, their patented Sequential PULSE Technology sets it apart from any other massage compression device by combining three distinct massage techniques - pulsing, gradient hold, and distal release.

These comfortable compression sleeves deliver a deep, relaxing massage and rolling sensation that ad in the recovery from training, competition or injury.


Compression therapy involves comfortable compression sleeves that enclose legs, arms/shoulders and the low back/hips that give a deep, relaxing massage and rolling sensation that aid in recovery from training, competition and injury.


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